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We’re passionate about providing you with the most convenient and affordable network solution in Africa - but our passion doesn’t stop there.


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HelloMobile is a team of dedicated people who believe in supporting the community of international travellers and workers that we’re part of. This is why we strive to:

  • Offer you ultimate value for money

  • Maintain our connections to keep them fast and efficient

  • Create product packages that are easy to use

  • Price our packages in a way that’s easy to understand

  • Build a relationship with you that’s based on trust

  • Remain empathetic to the needs of diverse communities

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CellC Logo We make sure you’re always connected to your family and friends with our easy recharge options. Top up with CellC at any time of day or night by purchasing vouchers from stores across South Africa, or dialing 141 and following the voice prompts.

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  • Connection fees
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  • Daily charges and monthly fees
  • Complicated contracts

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  • Recharging with CellC airtime
  • Keeping your existing cellphone number
  • International calls charged by the minute
  • 24/7 rates that don’t change during peak hours